La caixa

We change gifts, we build futures


From the “la Caixa” Bank Foundation we work with thousands of people and social entities to help build a better, fairer and more opportunities for everyone.


We support and promote transformer programs, with special attention to those dedicated to children and the creation of employment, medical research and the dissemination of knowledge and culture





Fundació Damm 

With the will to support civil society, especially Catalan, from the Damm Foundation we also carry out philanthropic activities in this regard. For Damm it is very important to promote and support those actions that allow the development and growth of our society through the transmission of knowledge, training, altruism and solidarity. Our collaboration with various entities of Catalonia and Spain responds to the desire to be part of the associative network of our country


Fastmast, S.L.

It is an innovative company with the objective of offering global solutions in the sector of sailing boats that includes the manufacture, transport and assembly of shafts, which allows flexibility in travel throughout Europe and rapidly in delivery time


The products we offer are masts and aluminum or carbon swabs, rigid cable or rod rigs, work rigs, cover maneuvers, candles, etc.


On the other hand, we take advantage of the professional knowledge and the quality of the material for applications in the architecture in rails, subjections of canopies, tents and structures


Estació Adria Casas

In the essence of BP, it finds its commitment negotiable with integrity, honesty, respectful and worthy treatment for employees, the spirit to achieve mutual effort and contribution to human progress.


Our products and services contribute to a better quality of life. They offer the freedom to move, to warm up and to see. We believe that this freedom is inseparable from the responsibility of producing and consuming energy so that both human rights and the natural environment are respected. Maintaining this balance is our vital essence.


Escola Nàutica Mediñà

We are a school with highly qualified teaching staff (Officials and Employers entitled by the Merchant Navy and the Nautical Training School of Catalonia) and with proven experience in recreational sailing.

Because with 12 years of experience, 5,000 students and a high rate of approval guarantee us



La Diputació de Girona

Copayba – Construcció d’habitatges a Girona

Copayba carries out constant and varied construction activities. The extensive experience of our team provides a guarantee for the quality of the works.

Since its founding in 1968, the construction activities have been continuous and very varied.

That is why the diligent experience of the human team that forms the company is a guarantee of the quality of the works.

We take care of the execution of all the works of the work and the good coordination of all the industrialists, to achieve the finishes of the best possible quality.


We have a park of machinery adapted to the needs and are up to date in the new technologies of the construction.



Ferrer & Ojeda


Our commitment to the history of Ferrer & Ojeda makes daily reflections, decisions and actions incorporate, all of them, a business objective: guaranteeing stability, protection and prosperity, both family and business, year after year.

This vocation of continuity requires and demands, above all, commitments: commitments of all those who are part of this business reality in one way or another.


Commitments to our clients, because they are the central axis of our development both professional and human.

Commitments to ourselves, to invest in helping people to improve and not to dispense with them.

Commitments with our suppliers, to guarantee honesty and transparency during the long road we have traveled and that we will travel together.

Commitments to our environment, to carry out our activity in accordance with the reality that moves the world and help maintain responsible, stable and quality jobs.

Ser Ferrer & Ojeda is combining experience, creativity and talent. It is a passion for a profession that has the responsibility to help people when they need it most. It is to know and feel that efforts with today’s client have been and are the key to our present and our future.

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