Environmental Management

The Yacht Club Sant Feliu de Guíxols bases its management policy on the maximum satisfaction of its customers and on the quality of the maintenance services of the port facility, the management of berths, operations at the port, the technical area and sporting activities. Based on this environmental management guideline, the Sant Feliu de Guíxols Yacht Club takes on its obligations towards social and environmental aspects and actively contributes to sustainable development through the application of good environmental practices in all its services and activities.


Through its integrated management system, the club is working towards better environmental behaviour by providing structured work dynamics. This is to achieve continuous improvement, while adhering to standards and legal application requirements at all times.


The most important guidelines of the Club are:


  • Carrying out sporting activities as a non-profit company.
  • Usage of the most appropriate means to meet the needs and expectations of customers. These serve as a basis for determining the requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Prevention of pollution arising from all environmental aspects.
  • Installation of the cleanest and most innovative technological resources.
  • Education, information and awareness-raising of employees, partners, suppliers, as well as all other external companies and / or persons acting on behalf of the Club, in order to integrate them with the methods and procedures and thus to ensure the quality and the respect for the environment.
  • Introduction of preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of nonconformities and to increase quality through continuous improvement.
  • Regular review of this policy to keep it up to date.

Our Club management is fully committed to this policy, which is available to interested persons and serves as a reference framework.


Sant Feliu de Guíxols.


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