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The Club and the environment.

Sant Feliu de Guíxols is a small town rich in culture, gastronomy, sport and art and characterized by its coastal landscape.
The coastline of Sant Feliu unifies the sea and the mountains, enjoying white pine forests and cork oaks that suddenly run straight through the red cliff face and reach the dark blue of the sea.

Less than a mile from the harbour, there are many coves which combine coarse sand and rocks. Many of these coves are small and access is only possible from the sea, giving visitors a sense of peace and comfort in a natural and virgin environment even during the summer season.
Another way to enjoy the coast of Sant Feliu is the 10th part of the Mediterranean path, also known as “Camí de Ronda”. This century old path is located in the upper part of Sant Feliu, along the cliffs. Despite the large unevenness, it is worth to do the effort, because the panoramic view is hypnotic.

The underwater world of our coast should not be underestimated either. Underwater there are not only a variety of geological formations with an indescribable beauty, during the year you can also find 90% of all Mediterranean species. Thus, this part of the Costa Brava is one of the favourite places for divers.

Our coast has many interesting corners and secrets to discover, creating an idyllic and unique landscape where the sea meets the mountains. Unfortunately, it is obvious that the rhythm of life of modern society has had a negative impact on the natural environment for a long time: On the one hand, the urban pressure on the natural areas near the city is causing more and more people to visit this natural area. On the other hand, the conservation of our coast is complicated by the lack of knowledge on the part of the population and tourism regarding the exceptional values of our coastal area.

According to Article 1 of the public institution “Ports de la Generalitat”, the development and management of the harbour must always be subject to the principles of sustainability and environmental protection. The Sant Feliu Yacht Club not only translates these principles into the Club’s internal rules, it also considers them to be fundamental values for any activity carried out in natural spaces, in our case the sea and the coast. For this reason, the club’s internal rules dedicate a whole chapter to the environment and how to deal with environmental incidents.

Why is it so important that the management of the Yacht Club internalizes the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment?

Due to its proximity to the natural spaces

It is obvious that the building of the Yacht Club Sant Feliu de Guíxols is the closest to the natural coastal area. Its headquarter is located next to a wooded coastal area, located above the cliff. Furthermore, a part of the building was built directly above the sea.

Due to the promotion of nautical activities in natural areas

Our Yacht Club is the establishment that most promotes nautical activities in the city. This desire to make marine activities more popular among all must be accompanied by the responsibility to preserve and respect the environment. Not only to ensure the quality and beauty of the natural environment and its surroundings, but also to enjoy the sea and its activities in the future.

Due to the nature reserves near the Club

In the immediate vicinity of the port there are two nature reserves, which are part of the northernmost part of the massif of Ardenya or the massif “de les Cadiretes”. They are protected by the institutions PEIN and Xarxa Natura 2000, which operate on a Catalan and European basis.

To ensure the future of nautical activities

Unfortunately, everyone has heard about pollution of the seas and oceans, among others because of oils, heavy metals and urban wastewater. The Mediterranean is one of the most polluted seas in the world due to hydrocarbons. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes in the oceans. The predictions are very worrying for anyone who sees the sea as a way of life.
We, the generation of the present, have the responsibility to act, as it will be too late for future generations. We all have to work in order to maintain and restore the ecological quality of the coast and to ensure that future generations can enjoy the nautical activities and the natural beauty of our coast.

The environment

In sum, the Yacht Club Sant Feliu not only promotes nautical activities, it also promotes the protection of our coastal area. It is the task of all of us to preserve and protect the coast and the environment. Only in this way, we and our descendants will be allowed to benefit from the nautical recreational activities and maintain what makes Sant Feliu an idyllic and unique place.



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