This weekend took place the final of the ILCA 4 Catalan Championship, which was held at the Club Nàutic Vilanova. The sailors of the Club Nàutic Sant Feliu have made great results among the fifty-four participants, among which the third place in the general classification of Quim Ferrer and the triumph as champion of Catalonia U16 and female runner-up of Mireia Garriga stand out.

The results of the CNSFG sailors

  • Quim Ferrer finished 3rd overall.
  • Mireia Garriga has been proclaimed champion of Catalonia U16 and runner-up of the women’s classification.
  • Guillem de Llanos was 5th overall.
  • Alejandro Constans was 15th.
  • Mireia Garriga was 16th.
  • Jan Poveda finished 18th.
  • Antoine Oganesov was 20th.
  • Sofia Constan was 29th.
  • Énia Pallí was 32nd.
  • Anna Ferrer placed 42nd.