Management policy

Maximum user satisfaction, guarantee of quality of services and environmental commitment.

The Sant Feliu de Guíxols Yacht Club has established its Management Policy aimed at achieving the maximum satisfaction of its users and guaranteeing the quality in the provision of the maintenance services of the port facility, management of moorings, operations in the dock and technical area and in the sports activities to be carried out.

At the same time, it assumes its commitment to social and environmental aspects and actively contributes to sustainable development by applying the Good Environmental Practices in all the activities it develops.

Integrated Management System.

Through the Integrated Management System, the Club works towards a better environmental behavior. It does so, by providing a structured work dynamics for the achievement of continuous improvement and ensuring compliance at all times with the applicable legal standards and requirements and with the other requirements that the Club can subscribe to.

Main principles

The main principles of the Management Policy of the Sant Feliu de Guíxols Yacht Club are:

Carry out sports activities as a non-profit organization.

Use the most appropriate means to know and update the needs and expectations of customers, which will serve as the basis for establishing the requirements of the service and ensuring their satisfaction.
To provide the most innovative and clean technological resources, to the extent that their economic or strategic profitability is considered proven and that the available resources allow it.
Prevention of pollution derived from all environmental aspects generated as a result of its activity and the analysis of the context.
Establishment of preventive measures that prevent the appearance of non-conformities and continuous improvement procedures that provide an increase in quality and encourage, when economically viable, the use of the best available techniques.
Training, information and awareness-raising for workers, collaborators, suppliers and subcontractors and anyone who can act on behalf of the Club, in order to integrate them into the documented methods and procedures, and in the applicable Reference Standards that ensure quality and environmental respect.
Periodic review of this Policy in order to continuously adapt it.

The Club Management is fully committed to this Policy, which is available to stakeholders, and is used as a reference framework for the definition of Objectives and Achievements.

Sant Feliu de Guíxols,

Club Manager

Statutes (PDF)

Internal Regulations (PDF)