It is reported that based on the meteorological forecasts issued by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia and the effects that are expected to derive from them, it is appropriate to put the Civil Protection Plan of Catalonia (PROCICAT) in a situation of Pre-alert due to waves.

The Meteorological Service of Catalonia reports that from Thursday morning, waves may exceed 2.5 meters (maregassa) along the Catalan coast. There will be noticeable sea bottoms with a southern component. The geographical distribution of the phenomenon will be extensive.

The risk situation contemplated in this statement will be terminated, without the need for a closure notification by CECAT, once the specified weather period ends; as long as the information is not updated with a new communication.

It should be remembered that the Pre-alert situation does not entail the activation of PROCICAT. This notice has already been sent to the performing groups.

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You can consult the actions to be carried out, the councils and the municipal recommendations for waves in the link