The Sant Feliu de Guíxols Yacht Club has participated as is tradition in the activity of tribute to the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of sailors and fishermen, which this year was held this Saturday, July 16.

The commemorative events have begun at the Fishermen’s Guild where fishermen, but also sailors, members of the yacht club, debots and the general public have gathered for the blessing to the virgin. Next, the floral offering was made, in which the Yacht Club participated with a coat of arms of the flowering entity that the commodore and the countermeasure have given.

Afterwards, a maritime procession was held, in which several boats of the Yacht Club participated.

The tribute program to the Virgin of Carmen in Sant Feliu de Guíxols closed at night with a habaneras singing and tavern song at the Espigó de Rius i Calvet.

Decorated boat competition

Once again this year, the traditional decorated boat competition has been organized. This year the jury’s award went to the boat Sa Valquiria by the partner Lluís Donat.